Opening my heart, discovering my soul, use my hands to color life and lives

It’s not about a job, it’s not only passion, not a hobbie. Use colors and making paintings is a spiritual journey through issues of my life. It’s about family, heritage, traditions. It’s about music, lifestyle, fashion system. It’s about feelings, tastes and emotions founded in places of my heart.
It’s all about love.
I got the love

No celebration

Just a tribute to my family.



Music is a beat. A heartbeat Since I was a child my sister opened my mind to vinyls, lp, live stage and the incredible opportunity to feel a deep love for notes and to be one step beyond. It was easy to understand I had to listen again, and again, and even more a song,…


I wanted to choose my own style. My family teached me how to be fair, my sister pushed me to be underground, I found my own way. Passionate both about luxury and handmade items at the same time, I mixed and balanced the heritage of my family with a modern, bohemian and decadence mood that…


I was born on the hills but I choose the seaview. It is my escape from everything, looking for D Vitamins every moment of my life. Sun is essential, water is life. A big emphaty with nature that comes from my origins and the chance I had to travel and discover countries, counties and breathtaking…

Everything I do about Art is in loving memory of my Sister Silvia

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