Music is a beat. A heartbeat Since I was a child my sister opened my mind to vinyls, lp, live stage and the incredible opportunity to feel a deep love for notes and to be one step beyond. It was easy to understand I had to listen again, and again, and even more a song,…


I wanted to choose my own style. My family teached me how to be fair, my sister pushed me to be underground, I found my own way. Passionate both about luxury and handmade items at the same time, I mixed and balanced the heritage of my family with a modern, bohemian and decadence mood that…


I was born on the hills but I choose the seaview. It is my escape from everything, looking for D Vitamins every moment of my life. Sun is essential, water is life. A big emphaty with nature that comes from my origins and the chance I had to travel and discover countries, counties and breathtaking…


Share your ideas and discover new challenges

All my stuffs are about passion, joy and heritage and I never say no before listening
Impossible is nothing

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