Some stories are about to tell, other stories to listen. I lived my own story. I was given a deep heritage and I want to pass it on

A Unique journey, started 1984.
At the beginning, I felt to have football in my blood. I was born throughout football. Even if my family pushed me to keep going in their legal careers, I strongly wanted to become a sports manager.
I got degree and some international masters and here I started. Some experiences from marketing & communication towards general management. A rollercoster inside all leagues, from Italian Third Division to Serie A. Winning championship was my favorite stuff, passion never ended and may be never ends. But to me was not easy to choose between going on my personal success and think at the same time at my family. 2012, I lost my sister. 2013, I got married. 2015: my father went to heaven.

I had to choose between my personal working success and my family, my mum, my wife, my uncle. As my uncle spent almost 40 years on circuits all over the world, supportino young drivers from karting to Formula 1, I decided to join him and transform his own passion into a kind of business: Anima, which means Soul in italian, was born. We share as family the passion to support young drivers reaching their goals and we won titles in Italy, Europe and Usa, taking part in the best competitions in the planet.

But I strongly felt the heritage of my family, What my grandfa, my uncle and my father have done in their lived. And I had to keep their acrivities alive. They were great professionist and I needed to find an idea to continue the family activities. But I was not a lawyer, I did not need so many offices and buildings: the way I decided has been transforming offices into apartments and suites, for incoming people with the desire to discover our landscapes, our origins and our traditions. Respecting the past glories, I named the new business Maisonettes Macherozzi, putting inside our structures not only accomodation, but also art, library and charity. I am sure I did it my way but at the same time I feel everyday the values of my roots are growing and growing.
I do not want to stop give my best, try to focus on defend my origins and at the same time create an unique concept that spread modernity mixed by heritage. I am looking to develop our company towards new places, new businesses and new challenges. May be Greece, or better, Greece could be the final destination of my adventure.

Some chapters are about to be written. Pen is in my hands. Let’s go

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